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About EPAL
The Electronic Presession Agency Legislation system (EPAL) is used to (1) manage submission of proposals for new legislation (2) gather opinions concerning the proposals (3) collate documents and (4) provide comprehensive reports of the entire process for decision makers.
  • The proposals, related documents and related expert analysis are all considered
    Governor's Confidential Working Papers
  • Prior to submission for Secretarial Review, proposals are in the DRAFT work step and are only viewable by the agency drafting the proposal.
  • Draft proposals and documents can be deleted by the drafting agency at any time and only the activity log entries showing the creation and deletion will remain in the system.
  • Secretarial Reviewers can only see proposals within their Secretariat.
  • Policy Office users can see all proposals except those in the DRAFT work step.
  • Do not share any EPAL Documents with others without the expressed consent of the Governor's Office.
Jesse Lynch (804)786-2211 Legislative Director
Christy Berry (804)786-7772 Management and Evaluation Analyst with DPB
Scott Hubbard (804)786-6325 IT Developer with DPB (Technical Issues Only)