Virginia Department of Planning & Budget - Electronic Fiscal Impact Statement System
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About ELAS
The Electronic Legislative Action Summary system (ELAS) is used to (1) manage the assignment of Legislative Action Summaries (2) Track the status of their completion (3) Manage the storage of the documents and (4) provide comprehensive reports of the entire process.
Governor's Confidential Working Papers
  • Legislative Action Summary Documents are considered Governor's Confidential Working Papers.
  • Users of ELAS can only view documents within their assigned Secretariat(s) and any documents that they post into the system.
  • Do not share any LAS Documents with others without the expressed consent of the Governor's Office.
Grace Kelly (804)370-6968 Policy Assistant
Christy Berry (804)786-7772 Management and Evaluation Analyst with DPB
Scott Hubbard (804)786-6325 IT Developer with DPB (Technical Issues Only)
ELAS Document Templates
ELAS Template Blank LAS template emailed out by ELAS and used for all versions except the ER (Enrolled Bill)
EBR Template Blank EBR template used for Enrolled version of the bill.