Virginia Department of Planning and Budget (DPB) Matrix of School Review Best Practice Recommendations and Best Practice Models

In response to Item 136 of Chapter 665 of the 2015 Acts of Assembly, the Virginia Department of Planning and Budget has developed a matrix of best practices and common recommendations previously reported in School Efficiency Reviews so that school divisions may use the model as a guideline for self-directed improvements toward better financial management and use of school division resources.

Best Practice Models
The list of best practice models provides a short list of techniques and methodology used in producing and supporting best practice recommendations.
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Best Practice Recommendations
The list of best practice recommendations provides the service area and section that corresponds with the DPB School Review Program Protocols. Best practice recommendations included in this matrix include findings, recommendation, and commendations from school review reports. The text of each best practice recommendation is provided along with the division name, location number, keyword, and link (if applicable) for the most recent occurrence of the recommendation in the school review database. Links are provided when there is a corresponding best practice model.
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