What We Do
The Department of Planning and Budget is a Virginia executive branch agency. We work with the Governor's Office, the General Assembly, and other state agencies to develop and execute the Commonwealth's budget. We analyze the efficiency of state programs. We study proposed legislation and changes to regulations in an effort to improve the lives of Virginia citizens.
News and Recent Updates
Chart of Accounts -- Reports, References and Links (overrides all older COA references)
FY 2025 New Year Start-Up Instructions
FY 2025 New Year Start-Up Instructions      updated 05/24/2024      due 08/23/2024
DPB 2024 Year-End Close Instructions
DPB 2024 Year-End Close Instructions      updated 05/06/2024      due 05/31/2024
December 2023 Six-Year General Fund Financial Plan
Budget Development Webinar Supporting Resources
Appropriation Act Reporting Requirements
Appropriation Act Reporting Requirements      updated 01/01/2023
Commercial Activities List - 2021
Commercial Activities List - 2021      updated 01/12/2022
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