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Performance Budgeting System

The Commonwealth's new Performance Budgeting system is used by state agencies to submit budget information to DPB for review. This system replaces several older applications including Probud, Web Bears and CapSix.

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Support for Performance Budgeting
You can use the "Help Request" option on the top menu within the Budgeting application to open an incident. Or you can contact the PB Help Desk at or telephone (804)786-1097.
Strategic Planning
Strategic Planning is an application under the Performance Budgeting umbrella where state agencies update their strategic plans and performance measure information. The public should click on the Strategic Planning option on the left menu of the DPB website for public reporting of this information.

Regulatory Town Hall
DPB's Regulatory Town Hall is a source of information about proposed changes to Virginia's regulations, including a meetings calendar and board minutes. This site also facilitates public participation through online comment forums and an email notification service.

DPB's Electronic Fiscal Impact Statement System (EFIS) is used by DPB analysts and other state analysts to describe the potential cost or saving impacts of new legislative proposals during each General Assembly Session. These analyses are used by legislators and others during the decision making processes.

DPB's Electronic Legislative Action Summary System (ELAS) is used by authorized state users to assign, track and report on Legislative Action Summary documents.

DPB's Electronic Presession Agency Legislation (EPAL) is used by authorized state users to create, submit, review and track proposals for new legislation to be introduced in the next session of the Virginia General Assembly.