State Agency Planning & Performance Measures
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How does Virginia plan and measure the performance of state agencies?

Virginia state government agencies develop and implement Strategic Plans for their agency and for relevant programs and service areas. Agencies also identify Performance Measures to track their performance on achieving their strategic plan objectives.

As part of the Virginia's commitment to transparency in government, details on these plans and measures are available on this site.

The Department of Planning and Budget's responsibilities in the Code of Virginia (Sections 2.2-1501) related to strategic planning and performance measurement include:

Development, coordination and implementation of a performance management system involving strategic planning, performance measurement, evaluation, and performance budgeting within state government. The Department shall ensure that information generated from these processes is useful for managing and improving the efficiency and effectiveness of state government operations, and is available to citizens and public officials.

The Department of Planning and Budget works with state agencies to develop and report on performance metrics linked to statewide goals through agency strategic plans and performance measures.

DPB's Planning, Evaluation, and Regulation division has primary responsibility for strategic planning and performance measurement. To learn more about Virginia's performance management system, please access the following links:

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All of Virginia's Performance Measures
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Archive of Agency Strategic Plans and Executive Progress Reports
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Updated July 2022