Statement of the Agency Mission

The Department of Planning and Budget (DPB) advises the Governor on how to wisely use public resources for the benefit of all Virginians by analyzing, developing, and implementing various fiscal, programmatic, and regulatory policies.

Vision Statement

DPB advises the Governor in the prudent allocation of public resources and promotes the development and implementation of fiscal, legislative, and regulatory policies that maximize empowerment of Virginia's citizens and minimize their dependence on government. We serve our customers through creative, proactive, objective, accurate, and timely planning, analysis, and evaluation.

Code of Ethics

DPB is committed to the following:

  1. Earning the respect, trust, and confidence of its customers, which include the Governor, the Governor’s Cabinet, elected and appointed officials, state agencies, and the public.
  2. Allocating public resources prudently and ethically.
  3. Promoting objective, fiscal, legislative, and regulatory policies that benefit and protect the Commonwealth and minimize the dependence on government.
  4. Providing objective and accurate analysis and evaluation to serve all customers.
  5. Providing all reports and/or information in conformance with applicable laws, regulations, and standards.
  6. Ensuring a professional environment that promotes staff knowledge, skills, abilities, and integrity.
  7. Treating all persons in a professional and courteous manner.
  8. Ensuring that no conflicts of interest exist within the agency.
  9. Preventing illegal or improper activity.