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Reader's guide to this budget document

(2001 Budget Document)

This publication describes Governor Gilmore's proposed amendments to the Commonwealth of Virginia for the 2000-02 biennium. It contains the following information:

Section A: Introduction

This section contains three chapters: (1) Keeping Promises, highlights of the Governor's proposed budget, (2) Economic Forecast, a discussion of the status of Virginia's economy, and (3) Revenue Forecast, a review of the state's fiscal outlook, including the projected revenues on which the Governor's amendments to the 2000-02 budget are based.

Section B: Operating budget

This section presents the Governor's proposed amendments for the operating budget. The sections are organized by branch of government and, within the Executive Department, by secretarial area. For each branch of government or secretarial area, you will find:   

Section C: Capital Projects
This section summarizes the Governor's proposed budget amendments for capital projects. The information is grouped by branch of government and, within the Executive Department, by secretarial area. Agencies appear in the same order as in the Budget Bill.

Following the short narrative descriptions of each recommended capital project are three tables:

Section D: State Aid to Localities

This section describes the Governor's recommendations for state aid to localities. These funds either go directly to localities for locally operated programs or are spent by the state on behalf of localities for specific programs.


Unless otherwise indicated, all references to years in this document are to fiscal years.

When used in this document, "2000 Appropriation Act" refers to Chapter 1073, 2000 Acts of Assembly.