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Sep 01, 2021
Sep 23, 2021
DPB has issued targets to agencies for the spreading of adjustments to the base for the distribution of funds from central accounts for items such as the continuation of salary increases and adjustments for fringe benefit changes approved for FY 2022 but not included in the legislative appropriation in each agency in Chapter 552. In addition, adjustments also include removal of one-time funding and increased funding for partially funded activities in the FY 2022 appropriation. Agencies will use the Base Budget Adjustment module in the PB system to make this submission. See the instructions for more information.
PDF File 2022-2024 Base Adjustments Instructions
LSX File 2022-2024 Base Adjustment Targets
LSX File 2022-2024 Position Calculator
Button link Common Report Options for 2022-2024 Base Adjustments