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Governor Warner's proposed 2004 - 2006 Biennial Budget

(Published on December 17, 2003)

This page contains the complete text of the 2004 Executive Budget Document, which explains Governor Warner's proposed 2004 - 2006 biennial budget for the Commonwealth and the proposed amendments to the 2003 Appropriation Act.

The Adobe Acrobat PDF files below will display and print nearly identically to the published document. The Microsoft Word versions of each section will have identical content but may look slightly different than the printed document depending on the fonts and settings of your computer. See a description of the file formats included on this site or see our download help page if you're having trouble saving these files.

The 2004 Executive Budget Document

bullet bullet Table of Contents

bullet bullet Guide to this Budget Document

bullet bullet How to read the tables

PART A: Overview

bullet bullet Overview of Budgetary Policy and Governor's Tax Reform Proposals

bullet bullet The Economic Forecast

bullet bullet The Revenue Forecast

PART B: Executive Budget for the 2004 - 2006 Biennium

Section 1: Operating Budget

bullet bullet Legislative Department

bullet bullet Judicial Department

bullet bullet Executive Offices

bullet bullet Administration

bullet bullet Commerce and Trade

bullet bullet Education

bullet bullet Finance

bullet bullet Health and Human Resources

bullet bullet Natural Resources

bullet bullet Public Safety

bullet bullet Technology

bullet bullet Transportation

bullet bullet Central Appropriations

bullet bullet Independent Agencies

bullet bullet Miscellaneous Fund Transfers

Section 2: Capital Budget

bullet bullet Capital Projects

PART C: Amendments to the 2003 Appropriation Act

bullet bullet Operating Amendments

bullet bullet Capital Amendments

PART D: Other

bullet bullet State Aid to Localities

bullet bullet Supplemental Information

bullet bullet Historical Appropriations

bullet bullet Studies and Evaluations

bullet bullet Cross Reference to the Budget Bill