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2015 Locality Reduction Spreadsheet Templates
The form(s) that your locality must use to select its reduction strategy for FY 2015 can be found below. Each worksheet contains two tabs: the first tab contains the list of the state programs from which you may choose to make reductions. The second tab contains instructions for your reference. Upon opening the spreadsheet, Excel may display a Security Warning regarding macros contained within the workbook - select disable macros and continue.

For technical issues, you may send an email to budget@dpb.virginia.gov. For any other questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the Department of Planning and Budget Management Team listed below.

Department of Planning and Budget Management Team:
Banci Tewolde (Public Safety) (804)-786-6313
Toni Walker (Commerce and Trade, Natural Resources, and Finance) (804)-786-6755
Michael Maul (Education and Transportation ) (804)-786-6657
Mike Shook (Health and Human Resources) (804)-786-8853